Money For Medical Bills Stolen Whilst Fighting Cancer!

You will never hear a more upbeat cancer patient than Kathy Mecca, who despite having her life savings stolen and receiving a $410,000 medical bill still raises a laugh! (Scroll down for the video) A family member has been accused of stealing the very assets that were supposed to provide the money that was supposed Read More

106,688,095 Americans Struggling Paying Medical Bills

The spiralling cost of medical bills is still continuing to lead to hardship for many American families. In fact in the latest published figures we learn that an estimated 106,688,095 Americans (a third) are struggling “paying medical bills” at the moment. What is truly shocking about that figure is that 74,681,666 (seven out of ten) Read More

Dog Attack Story – $5,000 Medical Bills Incurred – Donations Required

In one of the more expensive and sad dog attack stories you will hear, can you help a caring young woman pay her medical bills of $5,000 or more? (See the video below) Back on the 1ST of January when everyone else was out enjoying their new year celebrations a young woman called Ashley had Read More

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Hospital Closures By The IRS Near You

There is a battle to remove tax exemption status from many hospitals that has been growing stronger for many years, as you can read more about in the site. Indeed the IRS has removed tax exemption status from many hospitals already, with some in Chicago and others in Pittsburgh especially affected. However it is Read More

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10 Old Medical Treatments You’ll Thank God Are No Longer Used

Some old medical treatments were as likely to kill you as cure you and in the scary video below are 10 old fashioned medical remedies that thankfully are no longer used. (Not all posts on this site have to be about serious flaws in medical practices these days Рwe can spare a thought about all Read More

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The Missing $1.3 Billion Medicaid Patients Compensation Fund

    Now that the likely end of the low income pool funding scheme is growing ever nearer, Florida is facing up to the serious issue of how to pay hospitals for treating Medicaid and uninsured patients. But how does a state replace such a huge funding shortfall? And what will the outcome be for Read More

British Couples Vacation $200,000 Premature Birth Medical Bill

A British couple face a massive medical bill after the premature birth of their child while on vacation in New York. The couple Katie Amos and Lee Johnston are currently faced with a huge medical bill of $200,000 (around £130,000) and are unsure of whether their own insurance will cover the bill. They had insurance Read More

Beyonce’s Choice Of Hospital To Give Birth To Second Child

  Rumours about whether Beyonce is pregnant with her second child are currently doing the rounds online. It is a matter of interest – but more interesting would be the question of where would you give birth if you were her? If money was no object? If location was of no matter? If the transport Read More