How To Dispute A Medical Bill – Our New Site Will Help You

Want to know how to dispute a medical bill? Here are the details of the new site that will help you do just that. If your medical bills are becoming a concern that you should check out – our new site that makes disputing a medical bill easy. It is full of professionally researched Read More

Why Military History Should Be Included In CPT Codes

Several Doctors have advised that military history be included in CPT codes in order to make the information presented more relevant and important. The doctors are art of an advisory group to the AMA (American Medical Association). They advise on the AMA’s CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, which are essentially a set of medical terms Read More

3777 Vaca Valley Parkway:The New Home For NorthBay Healthcare’s Adult Day Center

NorthBay Healthcare have relocated their adult day center from the VacaValley Hospital campus to a new building, with the facility ready to open on the 17th. The old facility was simply a modular building on the VacaValley Hospital campus, where it had been for 12 years. This new building for the adult day center provides Read More

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Your Last Chance To Sign Up For Affordable Health Insurance

This week is your last chance to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act exchange or else face tax penalties. The final day that you can sign up for health insurance is Sunday 15th February. If you miss that deadline for getting health insurance then there will be tax penalties applied as Read More

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Stem Cell Scientists Performing Miracles In A Chicago Hospital

Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago offers stem cell transplant surgery providing miracle like benefits for various medical needs. Stem cells have been talked about as miracle cures for almost any illness or injury imaginable. However owing to ethical concerns worldwide over issues like human cloning, there has been little progress made in the area of Read More

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Navy Veteran Unable To Breathe Has Medical Claims Ignored By VA

A navy veteran who sought medical treatment when he was unable to breathe has had his medical claim for the cost of his treatment ignored by the VA for months! Despite the fact that the VA is supposed to pick up the tab for his treatment, Jack Lamb has been left to fight for his Read More

Potentially Amazing New Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease A Step Closer?

Could the cure for Parkinson’s disease be just around the corner? A video showing a promising new medical treatment demonstrates amazing results. Parkinson’s disease is a terrible affliction literally robbing people of their lives. Until now there seemed to be little progress to raise the hopes of sufferers of the disease. However that might be Read More

UK’s Hospitals Waste Nearly Half A Billion On Agency Staff!

The UK’s NHS is wasting almost half a billion pounds a year on agency staff rather than employ full time staff! Even though staff are required full time to work in the NHS, the use of agency staff to fill the roles continues to rise ever faster. Despite the fact that agency staff are costing Read More