NHS Cuts Even More Certain As Politicians Fight Between Themselves During Election Campaigns

During the run up to the UK election the NHS will feature as a major area of political point scoring.

Both main sides (the Labour party and the Conservative party) claim they hold the safety and future of the NHS as an area of concern.

Frankly no matter which party wins we are certain to suffer further NHS cuts as there is unlikely to be the money to invest where it is needed regardless of the promises made.

With both parties arguing over who is the best to care for the NHS in the future it will only suffer, with us patients as the “customers” of the NHS the ones who will pay the price.

Below you can see the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt who says that the NHS needs “more money to pay for more doctors and more nurses” and claims that the Conservatives are the ones to make that happen:


“The Conservatives are pledging an extra £8bn a year for the NHS in England by 2020 if they win the election.”

Next up we have Ed Miliband trying to persuade us that the Labour party can be trusted to run the UK’s NHS.


“You can’t fund NHS with an IOU’ – Ed Miliband”

The question is who do you trust to run the NHS?

Frankly neither party can be trusted and if we are honest the Liberal Democrats or any other party will only be in the running if (and probably when not if) there is another hung parliament where neither party has an overall majority.

If there is no overall majority then whichever parties work together with the Conservatives or Labour will only be following the demands of their bigger vote winning “bosses” with the inevitable result that our generation will be the last to truly have an NHS worth using.

Private medical insurance a necessity rather than a luxury soon then? You bet!

The $1,000 Scam Medical Bill For A Cut Finger!

Be very careful if you ever cut your finger and decide a plaster is not quite enough to heal it, as you might end up with a scam medical bill for $1,000!

Check out the insane video below in which a patient is hit with a $1,000 medical bill for a cut finger despite not receiving any treatment!



Samuel Packtor cut his finger and despite not being seen in an examination room, not being examined properly or receiving any direct treatment apart from a simple prescription, was hit shortly after by the massive bill.

His care was so poor that he went to another facility after Middlesex Hospital.

It is blatant profiteering like that which makes a mockery of the US healthcare system.

How they can get away with making scam charges like that is unbelievable.

(In fact shortly after this story hit the headlines the insane charges were refunded in full – which just goes to show that making a loud noise about poor treatment is usually the way to get justice!)

Beware the potential major differences in billing between “Urgent Care” facilities and “Emergency Care” facilities.

Also be very careful that you don’t get hit with a massive scam medical bill for simple treatments that you do not even receive!

Medical Bill Protection Tips: Protect Yourself From Surprise High Medical Bills

It is all too easy to find yourself facing unexpected medical bills you thought were covered by your insurance. Here are some tips to protect yourself.

There are many situations in which medical bills can be incurred which you might think should be covered by your insurance.

However one of the most common situations in which your insurance will not cover the cost of your treatments is when Doctors charge for elements of your care that are not strictly within “out-of-network coverage”

The following medical bill protection tips recommended by the website, will help you protect yourself from surprise high medical bills:


1. Make sure that you always contact your medical insurance company to ensure that a care provider is in your network (This one is vital!)

2. Before receiving any medical treatment, you should inform your Doctors that you ONLY want to receive treatment from providers in your network. This should be considered for all services regardless of whether you see them face to face or not. (This is seriously important!)

3. Ensure you fully understand your out-of-network coverage and know what care you need approval for in advance. (Very important!)

Check out the website link above for more detailed information on avoiding high medical bills.

The Direction Hospitalscam Is Now Taking

Lately the hospitalscam site has been quiet without any news reporting going on – here I aim to explain why.

When I purchased this domain and content package I had originally intended to report on the many cases of poor hospital care and medical treatment around the world that deserve to hit the headlines but seldom do.

That was and still is a worthwhile aim that I want to achieve – we all deserve to receive good healthcare, right?

However there are time constraints that have become much more serious than I thought they would be at the time I made the purchase.

They still existed at the time I wanted to take over this medical news site, but they were never so all consuming as they are now.

So busy and preoccupied am I now with things in my own life that there really is little time free to do anything much online with any of my sites.

In fact some days I do not even switch on a pc!

For that reason I have closed down almost all of my other sites, save for the site on dealing with medical bills, a site on making money online (which I fear I might not be able to update at all now) and a personal site for me to post about my day to day feelings.

(There is a domain name I own where I plan to post about web hosting videos, but again I may never get time to set that one up)

You might also notice that I have rebranded this site back to the way it was when I first purchased it.

I cannot explain why, but I simply feel that if I cannot work on the site as much as I would like to, then the old design of the Hospitalscam site will work better for it.

I will try and report here as often as possible when I discover stories on mistreatment and other medical scams and hopefully will be able to post at least once a week to the site.

Stay tuned here for more soon.

Health Scams Involving Health Insurance On The Rise


There is yet more evidence of health insurance scams where people are conned into paying fines they have not incurred according to the IRS.

Now there are tax preparers attempting to fleece the unwary out of their money by first insisting people have to pay a fine under Barack Obamas health care law, then claiming that the tax preparer can collect the fine on behalf of the taxpayer.

Although such a statement should be a clear signal that something is badly wrong, it is also very clear that many people are simply not aware of the fact that this behaviour is a sign of a con, judging by the numbers falling victim to this particular health scam.

A major reason why so many fall victim to these scammers is because the tax preparers are claiming to be able to lower the amount of the fine if it is paid directly to them.

In many cases however the people they are attempting to con are not even subject to the laws requirements – even some immigrants have been hit by this health scam!

(You can read more about this type of health scam here at

Don’t fall victim to these health scams – those with health insurance do not have to pay fines, so make sure you at least get some form of affordable health insurance today!


How To Dispute A Medical Bill – Our New Site Will Help You

Worried about a bill?

Want to know how to dispute a medical bill? Here are the details of the new site that will help you do just that.

If your medical bills are becoming a concern that you should check out – our new site that makes disputing a medical bill easy.

It is full of professionally researched and written content that takes you from the point of understandable nervousness to feeling confident that you will be capable of either disputing medical bills on your own or finding the right help to do so on your behalf.

The simple truth is that there is a wide range of help available to you as a person with high medical bills.

First of all you need to establish if you have even been billed correctly. Mistakes can and do happen.

One of the most popular disputes with any medical bill is the fact that some line items have been charged twice by different providers.

Other mistakes include charging incorrect higher billing amounts for services that should have been provided at a lower price.

There are services that can help you dispute medical bills that include mistakes like this or even help you to have your medical bill debts written off altogether!

Make sure you check out the newly published information at to find out how to dispute a medical bill right now!

Why Military History Should Be Included In CPT Codes

Several Doctors have advised that military history be included in CPT codes in order to make the information presented more relevant and important.

The doctors are art of an advisory group to the AMA (American Medical Association).

They advise on the AMA’s CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, which are essentially a set of medical terms that hospitals and other healthcare providers use to report to insurance programs.

The reason that it is so potentially important to include veterans status in CPT codes is because it is known that military personnel, current or ex, usually do not mention their status unless questioned about it directly.

This can potentially encourage missed diagnoses as there are several examples of conditions that could have been picked up on if it was known that the patient or a member of their family had been serving in the military.

Read more about the Importance of Military History in CPT codes here.

3777 Vaca Valley Parkway:The New Home For NorthBay Healthcare’s Adult Day Center

NorthBay Healthcare have relocated their adult day center from the VacaValley Hospital campus to a new building, with the facility ready to open on the 17th.

The old facility was simply a modular building on the VacaValley Hospital campus, where it had been for 12 years.

This new building for the adult day center provides support to patients aged 45 and over with Dementia/Alzheimer’s and their families.

The facility provides an excellent environment for its users, with a “quiet room”, an “open area” or even outside on the spacious patio area.

The day center will be open for 12 hours per day, from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.

Up to 30 patients a day are seen by the facility, which also offers much needed rest for patients families caring for their relatives afflicted with the conditions.

Now that the old modular building is vacated and can be demolished, NorthBay Healthcare can go ahead with its new cancer treatment center.

There are many wonderful activities that patients can take part in, all of which through the enjoyment they provide can help to delay the affects of the condition.

These services are mostly funded via donations however, so anyone wanting to find out more about donating can do so here.